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Adrienne Hand Editing produces distinctive books.

Celebrating 10 years in business

Adrienne is the perfect collaborator for writing – she asks probing, insightful questions, gathers her content and then turns it into compelling, engaging prose. On top of her questioning, listening, and superb writing skills, she is smart and witty – which makes working with her fun.

Emily Barrosse, Principal, Bold Story Press

Adrienne’s vision for my book was as bold and beautiful as the artist himself.

Lisa Terry, SVP Exim Bank

Adrienne Hand is an accomplished writer, who transformed Mona Hanford’s important work on death and dying into a powerful and popular book, The Graceful Exit

Carolyn Bain, PhD

Adrienne helped me greatly with my book- with the title, the editing, the design, and the strategy. She is amazing!

Susan Packard, Media Entrepreneur, Author

“Without you, this book would not exist. Thank you for your guidance, your patience and your good humor.”

Thomas S. Bozzuto, Chairman, The Bozzuto Group

As an editor, Adrienne was my cheerleader, grammar expert, and trail guide; she kept me on task and managed the project from concept to delivery. As I say, “There are very few special people,” and I would most certainly put Adrienne in that category. Adrienne’s extra touches and attention to detail were the cherry on top of the entire experience, and I am exceptionally grateful for her editing expertise and friendship.

Joyce Russell, President, Adecco Group US Foundation